IQ Clinical™ for Health Professions Programs

ComQuip developed IQ ClinicalTM by working directly with health professions programs to understand the unique scheduling challenges programs like yours face.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, IQ Clinical™ will ensure:

  • Conflict-free schedules for each clinic even if rotation schedules vary
  • Minimum clinic staffing levels are maintained
  • Maximum number of students can take required courses
  • Curriculum requirements are met for contact hours
  • Back-to-back immersion clinics are avoided
  • Student location and time preferences are accommodated in a fair and balanced way
  • Preemptions from regular schedules for special clinics are allowed
  • Room utilization is maximized, avoiding room and instructor conflicts and satisfying preferences and requirements
  • Integrated Event Schedule and ability to schedule one-time or ad-hoc recurring events

Student Scheduling software specifically designed for Health Professions Programs

IQ Clinical™ can be customized to fit the most unique needs of any small or large organization.