Services & Support from ComQuip

In addition to the IQ product suite, ComQuip offers a variety of services and extensive support to help you along the way and ensure you are maximizing the value you are receiving from the product.


ComQuip Consulting works with you to set up, manage, and effectively apply our industry-leading scheduling system in ways that focus on enabling users to achieve strategic and time-saving results.

Our ComQuip Consultants will help you identify and quantify the highest impact changes in your upcoming schedule and interpret the impact of the changes on your future academic terms. Our consultants have deep expertise in customizing processes, spearheading complex integrations with other institution applications, and resolving data conversion issues.

Software Customization

At ComQuip, we know that one size does not fit all. Customize a solution to perfectly fit your unique needs.

To ensure each of our client’s scheduling needs are fully met, we offer the option of customizing our software to better meet your individual needs. Whether it is adding a specific report or adding options that change the way schedules are generated, we strive to ensure our clients derive maximum value from our products.

Implementation and Hosting

ComQuip uses a proven methodology for system implementation that leverages best practices from successful system deployments.

The result is a rapid deployment with milestone schedules to ensure effective implementation, smooth system integration and a successful go-live launch. Our commitment is to providing maximum value for our customers by reducing redundancy, improving collaboration and enhancing scheduling efficiency. ComQuip offers application and website hosting at a highly competitive price. Allowing ComQuip to host the IQ software affords our clients many benefits including:
  • Reduced implementation fees
  • Faster implementation
  • Expedited resolution of any technical issues
  • Reduced burden on our client’s human and physical resources
  • Ability for ComQuip to provide a broader set of consulting support

Training and Documentation

Included in the annual subscription price, ComQuip provides one full day of onsite training and robust reference documentation.

The training is customized to address the specific scheduling activities and needs of each of our clients. Along with the training, comprehensive user manuals as well as specific procedures documentation are provided for use during training and post-training reference. Our training is hands-on, instructor-led in a client-provided setting, ensuring users will have the level of knowledge required to create efficient, conflict-free schedules and run performance reports.

Customer Support

At ComQuip, we realize that one of the most important elements of any software system is the support services backing it up.

We provide flexible support resources to help our clients optimize the use of our system – such as Online Help, Reference Documentation, and live support via email and phone.

Email: Call: 610-513-2953

Live Support Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time