About ComQuip

Since 1995 ComQuip, Inc. has been simplifying scheduling and schedule management for academic programs across the country.

We started with a product designed to a specification written by the Midwest Higher Education Commission for its 800 schools in the Midwest. Since that time, we have continually optimized and enhanced our offerings to include features most desired by undergraduate programs, clinical programs, law and technical programs, and residency programs.

ComQuip’s products are designed based on a deep understanding of the challenges schedulers face and can be easily customized to meet each program’s unique needs.

The IQ suite of products use a sophisticated rules-based algorithm that can handle complex scheduling needs and policies to generate efficient, conflict-free schedules, assign students to rotations to meet program requirements and satisfy student preferences.

The Science of Scheduling isn’t just our tagline.

It’s the inspiration of ComQuip’s product development efforts.

Starting with optimizing facilities usage and avoiding time conflicts for faculty and then layering in student scheduling, functionality to allow sections of a course to start and end on different dates, scheduling against fixed rotation blocks, and other advanced features, we have been continually enhancing our offerings. Our sophisticated swapping logic scientifically “finds” ways to improve the solutions.

The result of these developments is a comprehensive scheduling solution for organizations facing the need for generating schedules top down, allowing students and residents to complete program requirements in a fixed time period.

The IQ Suite of products includes: