IQ Residency™ for Teaching Hospitals

A fully automated, rules-based shift and rotation scheduling application capable of managing the most complex rules and policies of any department or teaching hospital.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, IQ Residency™ will:

  • Save time and effort by producing error-free rotation and on-call scheduling
  • Help chief resident and scheduler meet ACGME regulatory and compliance rules
  • Allow for seamless schedule sharing across all areas of the institution
  • Automate every step and intuitively recognize all components of scheduling
  • Set up electives by resident
  • Pre-schedule vacation requests
  • Limit number of consecutive rotations
  • Balances assignments among residents and sets work limit hours

Equitable, conflict-free shift and rotation schedules for Teaching Hospitals

IQ Residency™ can be customized to fit the most unique needs of any small or large organization.