IQ SessionTM for Colleges and Universities

Room, instructor and student product solutions form a powerful suite of scheduling modules used by colleges and universities to help build smarter, conflict-free schedules in less time, with more efficiency and better results.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, IQ Session™ will:

  • Auto generate blocks based on student needs
  • Meet all course and faculty requirements
  • Time slot sections to maximize course availability
  • Minimize number of students with multiple exams per day
  • Prevent room and faculty conflicts
  • Support template reuse from prior years
  • Easily detect errors before finalizing schedules

Automated and integrated course and event scheduling for Colleges and Universities

IQ Session™ can be customized to fit the most unique needs of any small or large organization.

IQ Session™ is a Windows® desktop or server-based application that works with Microsoft® SQL Server.

IQ Session™ provides an institutional solution, integrating with your
administrative and email systems and website.

  • Interfaces with any ODBC/SQL compliant administrative system
  • Two-way interface allowing efficient importing and exporting of data between IQ Session™ and your administrative system
  • Microsoft Outlook® and Google Calendar™ integration

ComQuip is your partner for success.

We offer additional services and support to assist every step of the way.

IQ Session™ has significantly reduced our scheduling conflicts. It is the most cost effective product that meets our requirements. Starrla Bond, PROGRAM ANALYST Texas A&M University — Galveston