IQ ResidencyTM for Teaching Hospitals

A fully automated, rules-based shift and rotation scheduling application capable of managing the most complex rules and policies of any department or teaching hospital.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, IQ Residency™ will:

  • Save time and effort by producing error-free rotation and on-call scheduling
  • Help chief resident and scheduler meet ACGME regulatory and compliance rules
  • Allow for seamless schedule sharing across all areas of the institution
  • Automate every step and intuitively recognize all components of scheduling
  • Set up electives by resident
  • Pre-schedule vacation requests
  • Limit number of consecutive rotations
  • Balances assignments among residents and sets work limit hours

Equitable, conflict-free shift and rotation schedules for Teaching Hospitals

IQ Residency™ can be customized to fit the most unique needs of any small or large organization.

IQ Residency™ is a Windows® desktop or server-based application that works with Microsoft® SQL Server.

IQ Residency™ provides an institutional solution, integrating with your administrative and email systems and website.

  • Interfaces with any ODBC/SQL compliant administrative system
  • Two-way interface allowing efficient importing and exporting of data between IQ Residency™ and your administrative system
  • Microsoft Outlook® and Google Calendar™ integration

ComQuip is your partner for success.

We offer additional services and support to assist every step of the way.

We decided to work with ComQuip because the staff seemed very willing to work with our specific needs. ComQuip is extremely customer friendly and I love the company’s flexibility. There is also a definite willingness to work one on one onsite and also over the website. It’s a pleasure to work with ComQuip. Dr. Ralitsa Akins, ACAD. ASST. PROFESSOR, ASSOC. DIRECTOR OF RESIDENCY PROGRAMTexas Tech University