IQ ClinicalTM for Health Professions Programs

ComQuip developed IQ ClinicalTM by working directly with health professions programs to understand the unique scheduling challenges programs like yours face.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, IQ Clinical™ will ensure:

  • Conflict-free schedules for each clinic even if rotation schedules vary
  • Minimum clinic staffing levels are maintained
  • Maximum number of students can take required courses
  • Curriculum requirements are met for contact hours
  • Back-to-back immersion clinics are avoided
  • Student location and time preferences are accommodated in a fair and balanced way
  • Preemptions from regular schedules for special clinics are allowed
  • Room utilization is maximized, avoiding room and instructor conflicts and satisfying preferences and requirements
  • Integrated Event Schedule and ability to schedule one-time or ad-hoc recurring events

Student Scheduling software specifically designed for Health Professions Programs

IQ Clinical™ can be customized to fit the most unique needs of any small or large organization.

IQ Clinical™ is a Windows® desktop or server-based application that works with Microsoft® SQL Server.

IQ Clinical™ provides an institutional solution, integrating with your administrative and email systems and website.

  • Interfaces with any ODBC/SQL compliant administrative system
  • Two-way interface allowing efficient importing and exporting of data between IQ Clinical™ and your administrative system
  • Microsoft Outlook® and Google Calendar™ integration

IQ Clinical™ supports prior year data access to save time.

  • Allows prior year rotations to be copied to current year
  • Provides utility to move students up to the next curriculum year from the year prior, requiring input of first year students only

ComQuip is your partner for success.

We offer additional services and support to assist every step of the way.

I imagine our clinical rotation is probably the most complex and most challenging to schedule of all dental schools. We approached several vendors and finally found ComQuip as a good solution to our complexities. We have been using it since 2003 with good results. I think it is a great product. Dr. Andrew I. Spielman, ASSOCIATE DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS NYU College of Dentistry